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It almost seemed too good to be true. But scientists all over the world have come to the very same conclusion. The right exercises , done only minutes a day, can radically transform not only your body … but your health, too. Doctors discovered that they could actually reduce the risk associated with surgery by getting their patients to exercise before the surgery. But they had a challenge… how could they possibly get patients in shape when urgent surgeries could be only days or weeks away?

You see, the surgeons needed to find a way to get patients in shape in 4 weeks or less. High-performance athletes are in on it, too. It turns out, the workout method in my program is exactly the same method proven by scientists to increase testosterone in men. In a study that looked at college athletes, it only took them two weeks and the results were stunning…. Well, testosterone is the primary male hormone.

As we age, it naturally declines. Imagine boosting it in only two weeks… without taking a single pill. Absolutely no medicine involved. Getting out there in the world. Broad shoulders, a trim waist. Of the world around you, and of yourself. I have someone specific in mind, someone who I know needs my help the most. Designed specifically for men by world-class fitness coach Joel Therien to transform your body. This is an exact blueprint for the next 21 days to grow muscle and lose fat.

Eat Fat, Get Thin? A Physician’s Approach to Reinventing Your Health in 21 Days

Think of the video series as an essential companion to your blueprint guide. I take this seriously, and you should too.

The old saying is true. Abs are made in the kitchen and the gym. I pack in the best recipes that take only minutes to whip up … and best of all, they actually taste delicious. Maybe you had six-pack abs when you were young. Or maybe you never did. This might just be the most valuable part of the whole package. Nobody has to do it alone. Studies have shown that the support of a community can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals. People who get it… Well, they want the same things as you do: better health, in less time, with no messing around.

So chances are if you leave this page, and return tomorrow, these bonuses will be gone. Those who track their workouts do better. You may not have known it when you were younger, but you know it now. It lets you plan, and keep your eye on the prize. I will tell you exactly what completely natural, healthy supplements you should take… and when.

It can be confusing to know what to take before you workout, what to take afterwards, and what to skip altogether. Imagine going to a meet up with your buddies. Everybody notices it. You look like a million bucks! Maybe you and your buddies go to a bar. Is the girl at the end of the bar looking at you now? She will be in 21 days. When you start to respect your body, respect yourself, it pays dividends in all aspects of your life. Members of my personal coaching club often pay thousands of dollars to get only a few minutes of time with me.

But I know how out-of-reach that is for millions of people.

How I Changed My Body In 21 Days

And I truly believe that a better, healthier life is something that everyone deserves. That quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars a month. But even that was too much for me. I knew I could do better for my , followers. You could close this page right now, and go back to your normal life. Feeling flabby with low energy and out of shape. Hating the way you look in the mirror. Or worse, hating the way people look at you. Wondering what they really think of you.

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You could take a leap. I started my career as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab specialist… yes, I began in the medical field. I know that everybody is different, and this program is specifically designed to work for men at all levels of fitness. What matters is how much you put into it, not where you start. You will be using less weights and slightly less intensity but we have people as old as 86 seeing great results and benefitting from the program.

Can you spare 21 minutes a week, for the next 3 weeks to master your body using my 'hidden' training principles? Get back the swagger you had in your youth… and build those 6-pack abs that your friends will have to see to believe… And more importantly, transform your body and your health for the better in just 21 days. As you get older, things start to slow down. Whatever the cause, the results are the same. The magic in Borges's mix comes from eight allover toners plus a dose of cardio on most days. Each week you'll add sets and reps of the sculpting moves and 10 minutes to your cardio workouts just follow the "Your Day Transformation" cheat sheet on the next slide.

All you need to get rolling is a 5- to pound medicine ball or a dumbbell of the same weight. Mind: "Dedicate five minutes a day to keeping an exercise journal, noting how you feel after each workout or how you stay active," Borges says. Seeing yourself achieve daily goals builds momentum. Body: Do two sets of 8 to 12 reps per move twice a week on nonconsecutive days and 25 to 35 minutes of cardio five days a week. Mind: Plan ahead. Rather than wait for a break in your day to exercise, schedule it the night before.

Body: Do three sets of 8 to 12 reps per move three times a week and 35 to 45 minutes of cardio five days a week, performing cardio first on weight-lifting days. Mind: Find solutions, not excuses.

So if you’re ready to…..

If you don't have time for a full session, break it into minute bits. Body: Do three sets of 15 to 20 reps per move three times a week and 45 to 55 minutes of cardio five days a week, performing cardio first on weight-lifting days. Keep heels flat on floor. Press up to return to downward dog. Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 rep. Lift bent right knee to hip level in front of you. If using a dumbbell, simply hold it in right hand by side, palm facing forward. Keep a slight bend in right elbow as body forms a straight line from head to toes.

Keeping hips stacked, slowly rotate torso to bring left elbow toward right arm.

Skip to main content. Tone all over with our day, total-body turnaround plan. Sophie Pangrazzi. How This Workout Works Our supershaper workout delivers wow effects that will keep you hooked.