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How do spiritual leadership and organizational leadership intersect?

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What are the challenges to overcome in developing leaders for the church? What are the critical leadership issues in your area? How high should we set the bar for leadership in the church? What if no one qualifies? What leadership training resources do you use? Other Resources: www.

Ministry Experience: Medical practitioner for over 40 years; full-time Christian service for over 40 years. Involved in mission and Christian leadership, support of personnel, and formerly involved in medical care of overseas personnel with Interhealth , London. Involved in Bible teaching, training and writing.

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Local church leader. Workshop Content: Caring for yourself in ministry A neglected area in Christian ministry, yet important for long-term effectiveness. Why is self-care in service necessary? Remember : The consequences of burn-out are serious and may be permanent. Part of life here on earth. What is stress and is it always bad? Our nervous system consists of the Central Nervous System — including the brain and spinal cord, much under voluntary conscious control.

The Autonomic nervous system, includes the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems which keep the rhythms and functions of the body stable, automatically. It reacts to stimuli, which may be recurrent or sudden. This mediates stress to our bodies and minds. Life events can be categorised, and their stress rating scored. When the cumulative score reaches a certain level, reaction is inevitable These factors are particularly stressful when they are: Unpredictable Unfamiliar Of great magnitude Of great intensity We feel impelled to undergo or be subject to them.


Reactions to stress Emotional and intellectual reactions to stress Physical reactions to stress We all have to work out if what we feel is caused by a physical illness or related to stress and pressure. How to care for ourselves and prevent burnout Begin with prevention: Follow the created rhythms: rest — sleeping enough, rest one day a week, yearly holidays. It is simple common sense, and we know that this is what we should do, but can be slow to attend to change. Identifying warning symptoms? Some warning signs: a Prolonged irritability.

How to Neglect yourself 1. Be a perfectionist. Activism or Dispersion.

Latin sundial mottoes with Spanish translations

Selfish Ambition Gen 4 Reviewing two concepts: 1. Reflect on the concept of being the best. Caring for our Own Garden 3. How to Care for Yourself 1. Learning to renounce. Learning to Water 3. Mushroom Christians or Oak tree Christians. What are your major stressors?

How do you deal with them? How balanced is your life? When did you last have a significant break? How well are you maintain your defences? What is the quality of your spiritual life? Who do you turn to when you are in trouble? Burnout inventory and Burnout Prevention inventory. Copies available to complete before the workshop.

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Contact Ian Burness. Marjory F. Encomendado a la obra misionera en Hechos Los hijos de Dios necesitamos cuidarnos en nuestro andar por el mundo como cristianos. Saber discernir cuando nos estamos estancando. Cual soldados o deportistas debemos tener disciplina. Cuando perdemos este orden podemos ir a la deriva.

Al cuidar nuestros cuerpos mostramos el amor que tenemos por nosotros mismos. La dieta variada, no comer en exceso, lavado de mano frecuentes y antes de las comidas. Beber agua purificada por filtro o hervida. Al ser seres integrales es fundamental una buena salud emocional para que el ministerio no se vea afectado. Debemos aprender a manejar nuestras emociones. Descuidar nuestro descanso personal, no saber decir NO y sobrecargarse de actividades y responsabilidades que sobrepasan nuestra capacidad.

Debemos trabajar siempre fortaleciendo nuestra identidad en Cristo. En el campo, muchas veces, los misioneros no recibimos alimento espiritual de otros creyentes maduros. La entrega y el desgaste es frecuente en el misionero. Nuestra autoestima puede ser atacada en el campo misionero. En el fragor del servicio podemos tener conflictos. Trabajando tu llamado a las misiones. El cuidado integral del misionero. Kelly O Donnell. Vamos, Manual Interactivo para misioneros. Lance Witt. Cuidado integral del misionero. Claudia Bustamante 6. Programa de Cuidado Integral del Misionero. Comibam 7.

Cuidado Pastoral del Misionero. Choque Transcultural, Mario Loss. Comibam Internacional 9. Autocuidado en la vida misionera, Carlos Pinto. What evangelism methods you have tried that you can honestly say it was successful in outreach and discipleship long term 2. How can we create a culture of church planting in our local churches 3. If money is not a problem in your congregation, how many churches can you plant in the next 10 years?

Its goal is to train future workers for serving the Lord in our country and cross- culturally. The church is described as belonging not to the people by whom it is constituted … nor to the district to which they belong … but rather to the one who has brought it into existence that is, God or the one through whom this has taken place that is, Christ. As to what occurred in such a gathering, we may think in Acts 47 that provides a neat — snapshot. The first churches were concerned with balancing equal commitments to fostering their relationships with God, one another, and the world.

In this respect, believers showed their love for God in loving others. And they knew that they could not be in a right relationship with the world if they did not have a healthy relationship with God and his people.

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As for today, one can find several examples of churches where there is a separation between the missioning and the worshiping communities within the church. This has been one of the big tragedies of Christianity. It might make sense for a large corporation to create departments that specialize in particular areas of the overall business, but the church is not a corporation. When the worshiping community of the church delegates the responsibility for mission to parachurch organizations or to missionary societies, it kills part of the church. Worship and mission and the development of Christian community must inform each other closely and regularly.

For certain reasons, contextualization has had an unstable reception on the part of many churches. Some leaders distrust when someone talks about the importance of contextualization for planting new churches. In fact, the principles of contextualization are often ignored, and our preaching of the Bible can have as much impact as preaching in Swahili for those who speak English.

Contextualization a working definition — Contextualization attempts to communicate the gospel in word and deed, and to establish churches in ways that make sense to people within their local cultural context.