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In Christianity, it is believed that Gabriel came to Mary and foretold the birth of Jesus. Comprised of the Mishnah and the Gemara, it contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis from different periods in Jewish history. The pursuit of proper kavanah, the Hebrew term for directed attention, has long concerned Jewish thinkers. Rabbis Without Borders. Jewish tradition, informed by the precedent of the Talmud, prefers to promote discussion rather than correctness.

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Luke KJV other versions: Luke After completing his week [14] of ministry, Zacharias returned to his house in Hebron [15] and his wife Elizabeth conceived. After she completed "five months" Luke of her pregnancy, Gabriel is mentioned again:. And the angel departed from her.

Gabriel only appears by name in those two passages in Luke. In the first passage the angel identified himself as Gabriel, but in the second it is Luke who identified him as Gabriel. Gabriel is not called an archangel in the Bible. Believers are expressly warned not to worship angels in Colossians and Revelation The trope of Gabriel blowing a trumpet blast to indicate the Lord's return to Earth is especially familiar in Spirituals.

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However, though the Bible mentions a trumpet blast preceding the resurrection of the dead, it never specifies Gabriel as the trumpeter. Different passages state different things: the angels of the Son of Man Matthew ; the voice of the Son of God John ; God's trumpet I Thessalonians ; seven angels sounding a series of blasts Revelation ; or simply "a trumpet will sound" I Corinthians In related traditions, Gabriel is again not identified as the trumpeter.

In Judaism, trumpets are prominent, and they seem to be blown by God himself, or sometimes Michael. In Zoroastrianism , there is no trumpeter at the last judgement. In Islamic tradition, it is Israfil who blows the trumpet, though he is not named in the Qur'an. The Christian Church Fathers do not mention Gabriel as the trumpeter; early English literature similarly does not. He ended, and the Son gave signal high To the bright minister that watch'd, he blew His trumpet, heard in Oreb since perhaps When God descended, and perhaps once more To sound at general doom.

Later, Gabriel's horn is omnipresent in Negro spirituals, but it is unclear how the Byzantine conception inspired Milton and the spirituals, though they presumably have a common source.

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Gabriel's horn also makes an appearance in The Eyes of Texas where it signifies the rapture. In Marc Connelly 's play based on spirituals, The Green Pastures , Gabriel has his beloved trumpet constantly with him, and the Lord has to warn him not to blow it too soon. Saint Gabriel Archangel's festivity day was exclusively celebrated the 18th of March as of many sources dating between the years and , except for a source published in , [22] where the feast was celebrated on April 7 for unknown reasons a parentheses notes that the day is normally celebrated on 18 March.

Writer Elizabeth Drayson mentions the feast being celebrated in March 18 the year of in her book: "The Lead Books of Granada". Drayson, Elizabeth January 13, The Lead Books of Granada. Palgrave Macmillan - edition.

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One of the oldest out of print sources pronouncing the feast for 18 March, was first published in and has the name "Flos sanctorum: historia general de la vida y hechos de Jesu-Christo In the day was officially transferred to 29 September for celebration in conjunction with the feast of St. Michael and St. The Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite celebrate his feast day on 8 November for those churches that follow the traditional Julian Calendar , 8 November currently falls on 21 November of the modern Gregorian Calendar , a difference of 13 days.

Eastern Orthodox commemorate him, not only on his November feast, but also on two other days: 26 March is the " Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel" and celebrates his role in the Annunciation. The feast was first established on Mount Athos when, in the 9th century, during the reign of Emperor Basil II and the Empress Constantina Porphyrogenitus and while Nicholas Chrysoverges was Patriarch of Constantinople , the Archangel appeared in a cell [28] near Karyes , where he wrote with his finger on a stone tablet the hymn to the Theotokos , " It is truly meet The Ethiopian Church celebrates his feast on 28 December, with a sizeable number of its believers making a pilgrimage to a church dedicated to "Saint Gabriel" in Kulubi on that day.

Additionally, Gabriel is the patron saint of messengers, those who work for broadcasting and telecommunications such as radio and television, postal workers, clerics, diplomats, and stamp collectors. In Latter-day Saint theology, Gabriel is believed to have lived a mortal life as the prophet Noah.

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The two are regarded as the same individual; Noah being his mortal name and Gabriel being his heavenly name. Exegesis narrates that Muhammad saw Gabriel in his full angelic splendor only twice, the first time being when he received his first revelation. Gabriel is commonly identified as the Holy Spirit. Though alternate theories exist, thus whether the occurrence of the Holy spirit in the Quran refers to Gabriel or not, remains an issue of scholarly debate.

In the Quran, Gabriel appears named in , and In , the Quran mentions Gabriel along with Michael. Muslims also revere Gabriel for a number of historical events predating the first revelation. Muslims believe that Gabriel was the angel who informed Zachariah of John's birth as well as Mary of the future nativity of Jesus , [42] and that Gabriel was one of three angels who had earlier informed Abraham of the birth of Isaac.

Gabriel also makes a famous appearance in the Hadith of Gabriel , where he questions Muhammad on the core tenets of Islam. Contrary to Christian tradition, Islamic traditions depict Gabriel as the warring angel, instead of Michael. Accordingly, he aided Muhammed to overcome his adversaries, significantly during the Battle of Badr and against a demon during the Mi'raj. Angels are described as pure spirits. Brown draws comparisons in Byzantine iconography between portrayals of angels and the conventions used to depict court eunuchs.

Mainly from the Caucasus, they tended to have light eyes, hair, and skin; and those "castrated in childhood developed a distinctive skeletal structure, lacked full masculine musculature, body hair and beards Brown suggests that "Byzantine artists drew, consciously or not, on this iconography of the court eunuch". Archangel Gabriel in the church of St. Georg in Bermatingen. Magnus in Waldburg. Archangel Gabriel at the facade of the Cathedral of Reims.

The eccentric English hagiographer and antiquarian , Sabine Baring-Gould — , wrote the English lyrics to Gabriel's Message , which he translated from the Basque Christmas carol Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen , which was probably related to the 13th or 14th-century Latin chant Angelus Ad Virginem , which itself is based on the biblical account of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Luke. In Creed's song, "My Own Prison", Gabriel is mentioned deciphering the visions to the main character in the song. Daniel describes Gabriel as appearing in the "likeness of man" and in Daniel he is referred to as "the man Gabriel.

Gabriel is most often portrayed in the context of scenes of the Annunciation. In a 16th-century drawing by Lucas van Leyden of the Netherlands was discovered. George R.

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Goldner, chairman of the department of prints and drawings at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, suggests that the sketch was for a stained glass window. In chronological order to see each item, follow the link in the footnote : [59]. The Military Order of Saint Gabriel was established to recognize "individuals who have made significant contributions to the U.

Army Public Affairs community and practice. Gabriel sounding a trumpet, while the obverse displays the Army Public Affairs emblem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Gabriel disambiguation. For the village in Iran, see Jibrail, Iran. For the American comic book artist, see Angel Gabriele.

For other uses, see Gibril disambiguation and Jibril disambiguation. Detail of Gabriel from Pinturicchio 's The Annunciation For the German film, see Jibril film. Saints portal.

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Archived from the original on 21 May Retrieved 16 February Retrieved Because the Angels are incorporeal beings, though they nevertheless take on human form when appearing to mankind, it can be difficult to differentiate one from another in icons. However, Gabriel is usually portrayed with certain distinguishing characteristics. He should not be confused with the Archangel Michael, who carries a sword, shield, date-tree branch, and in the other hand a spear, white banner possibly with scarlet cross and tends to wear red.

Michael's specific mission is to suppress enemies of the true Church hence the military theme , while Gabriel's is to announce mankind's salvation. Murfreesboro, TN: Mamre Press. Artists like to show Gabriel carrying a lily Mary's flower , a scroll and a scepter.

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Gabriel, the Archangel". Encyclopedia of Angels 2nd ed.