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RT tashadrinkstea gosh I don't know how could an immigrant journalist fighting a corrupt billionaire who becomes the president of the united states be made relevant to modern audiences, seems totally politically irrelevant to me twitter. I have a bunch of of half-written blogs about my incredible trip to the Imaginales Festival in France back in May that I have yet to post. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet Jacques and Sylvie Delloye, parents of Jessica one of the winners of the French Contest a few months back. Jacques is the man in the beret standing by a waterfall with a baguette tucked under his arm and a copy of TPM in hand.

Jessica was away at school during my visit, but her parents drove an obscene 15 hours to attend the convention and get her books signed. Sylvie spoke flawless English and had been reading my books as well. We spoke for some time, and a picture of the three of us made the French newspaper article on the festival. I learned that their town in southern France, Oloron, held the last true French beret manufacturer.

After meeting little Cassie, they offered to have a beret made for her, and were true to their word.

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It arrived last week. Now all this would be enough to cement the Delloyes in the annals of awesomeness forever, but there is more! The lovely Jessica is now the second to send in entries in to Cosplay Contest , and they are fantastic. In her own words:. Dear Peter,. But have you received the beret? I hope so, it was sent on June 14th. Something less scandalous than her auntie Inevera, but maybe with a bit of transparency nevertheless. Have a nice day! Reminder: the Cosplay Contest runs until August, so there is still plenty of time to enter!

I was only in France once before, for less than a full day, and am eager to return and have a more relaxed look around. My high school level French, unpracticed for 20 years, will not serve me well, but Dani speaks a little, and Cassie, being so young, will probably pick it up in no time. I will also get her a beret. In addition to a few days in Paris on either end of the trip, I will be attending the Imaginales convention in Epinal from May If you are able to attend, you can find the full program online here. This makes me feel better for missing both the Nebula awards and Balticon, both of which occur while I am away.

The winners of the French Contest will be receiving free copies, and I will probably hold a more general contest Fan Art or Cosplay soon, putting some copies, along with other great prizes into the pot. Write like the wind! To tide you over until he finishes the book, here are some great stuff from the PVB world. They did a great post about the campaign here. Perhaps one of the coolest things about this campaign for The Desert Spear is that Waterstones is including a belly-banded version of it that includes a booklet of The Great Bazaar.

You can see it here.

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You can see posters at major underground tube stops all over London for it. This one was at the Moorgate station, but posters have been sighted at South Kensington and others. You can find Peat quoted in this cool article from Salon. Before they say "I do," however, Lindsay and Abasolo are enjoying life as an engaged couple -- and learning more about each other every day. Sometimes Bryan takes too long. Sometimes Bryan has selective hearing.

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It's the little things like that that we learned about each other that you can't get when you're on TV. The two, who recently took their first "real" vacation together to Turks and Caicos, might soon be establishing a permanent residence in another sunny locale: Los Angeles. Abasolo even interviewed at a couple of chiropractic practices in the city while the couple was in town for Halloween.

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As for Lindsay, who works as an attorney in Dallas, she said her plan is to take the California Bar -- and explore opportunities on camera. That was my undergraduate major, that's what I went to law school for," she said. A basketball team would be great for me. Embed Code Restart. Now playing.

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Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are in it for the long haul! It is really interesting when points of view characters discuss in their mind people on the horizon, in the battle or in their peripheral vision and I found it quite gratifying being able to acknowledge who they are talking about. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together for the final sections of the series. Another engaging factor too is that some highly influential characters whose actions and deeds were only presented by other points of view perspectives previously have their own point of view chapters here.

Most notably in Nathair. It adds greatly to his already complex characters depth and I analysed that there is no such thing as either black and white or wholly good and evil within the human characters. Nathair's internal monologues about his mother, about his First Sword and his potential destiny, did make me sympathise with him, made me shout at my page to "wake up", "snap out of it", "you are better than this" and this side of his persona hadn't been presented before. The final twenty-five percent is arguably one the best-composed battle sections I have read in fantasy and then the following on resulting events.

It is like a game of chess but unlike the Ancient Greek Gods, the human's are the characters that are predominantly in charge, making the moves and the domino effect, ripples and repercussions of certain actions which take the adventure down highly ingenious and unpredictable avenues. Please do not tell anybody, but I did cry at certain segments whilst reading this book. Occasionally from joviality, however, more often from utter despair. I told my housemate I had some dust in my eye so hopefully he still thinks that I am a cool person.

I found the end sequences highly engrossing, satisfying, quite brutal and heartbreaking with some of the deaths but fascinatingly, so much could still happen in The Banished Lands. I am intrigued to see if the characters we have followed here and in the previous three books become the new legends and mythical heroes embroidered in his future narrative.

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This book has changed my life and this review will be emotional mess with a lot of word vomit. So here we go for a debut series, I am so impressed.

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He had everything in this series; awesome characters, awful bad guys, Giants, wyrms, draigs, wolvens, demons, Angels so basically you name it, I bet it was in the story. He definitely has a fan for life and I'm proud to say I'm one of his biggest fans. But I must say you have killed me and it hurts so much.

It will be a dark day, a bloody day, a proud day, for this is the day of our wrath. I literally wish I could give this book one thousand stars, seriously what a fantastic ending to an awesome series, I am so impressed by this book I can't even breath when I think about it. I am going to try my hardest to not burst out crying while writing this review, this book was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least and it did kill me. I have never felt so hurt after reading the last book to a series, normally the last book is rainbows and kittens.

This book certainly wasn't, everyone I love either died or was badly hurt, there were points were I couldn't even keep reading because my heart was so heavy and I literally had no more tears left to cry. I have never been so emotionally drained after a book in my life. I had no issues with the writing, I did however find five spelling mistakes but I'm going to totally let them slip because the story was so amazing, I also didn't like the overuse of the word 'Ach' it annoys me but it was still so brutal and badass.

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Wrath was extremely fast paced and all questions us readers had were answered. I'm not going to go into details because the whole review would be spoilers. So that we will not be enslaved or murdered. I fight against that. I fight for my freedom. I honestly can't believe how strong his character has become. All he cares about is his friends and family and I love that.

I found Corban less childish in this book and feel like he finally fits the boots of the Bright Star.

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  • I could literally write my whole review just on Maquin. Like seriously how many warriors can kill everything and everyone even with their bare hands.. None except for my old wolf. Maquin screamed wordless joy as the battle-rage took him and he strode through them like death itself, parrying, chopping, stabbing.

    A silence settled on them. Maquin moved, suddenly close to her, a handspan between them, and her heart was racing.