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Summary Introduction 1 Economic and financial policy 1. A development strategy for the European periphery 4. The crisis in global governance 5.

Summary Introduction The crisis which began in and deepened dramatically in has exposed deep rifts in the architecture of the European monetary union. Harsh austerity policies which were first imposed on countries in Eastern Europe, and subsequently on the countries in the euro area periphery, are now beginning to be implemented in countries of the European core. The crisis is highlighting the deeply undemocratic construction of the EU, as the Commission assumes ever greater powers to control national budgets, without any serious oversight by the European Parliament.

At the same time, the position of the core countries of the North, and in particular Germany, has been strengthened in relation to the countries of the periphery. Gobernanza de la UE 2. Austeridad y legitimidad 2. Una estrategia de desarrollo para la periferia europea 4. La crisis de la gobernanza mundial 5.

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Organisation, management and production of all types of events and acts Organisation, management, project production, consultancy and production of equipment, acts and events in institutions, businesses, associations Each of the targets will only be displayed for a short amout of time so you'll have to be quick in order to hit them.

As soon as a target has been hit your score will increase and the next one will appear, Therefore the faster you hit the targets, the faster you'll progress through the game Each of the targets have to be approched from the correct angle in order to activate them, the angle being displayed with an arrow.

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Surrounding each target are a set of Red guards, if any of the guards are hit, the target will become inactive, and your score will decrease. The position of the targets has been arranged so that you should remain or return to the centre of the screen after each strike. Try to remain relaxed throughout the training session and you should find that the movements will flow cleaner and stronger. The objective of the game is to avoid shields that move across the screen, and then destroy sets of targets which trail behind As a shield appears, retreat to the opposing side of the screen.

If successfully avoided, the trailing targets will become active Use the strike combinations displayed at the top of the screen to destroy them, increasing your score. Many of the targets will have guards around them. These only allow them to be destroyed by strikes in certain directions, encouraging the use of specific and accurate movements throughout If at any point you come into contact with the guards or shield, your score will be reduced.

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As the game progresses, the positioning of targets will become more intricate, encouraging you to perform more complex combinations of movements. Obstacles will also be emitted from the shield. Various avoidance and jumping techniques will therefore need to be performed to prevent contact with them, which would again reduce your score.

Time your attacks according to the shadows movement and open target areas Blocking an attack stops the shadow in its tracks and increases the amount of time you have for some counter attacks Each time you strike a target your score will increase, but eact time the shadow makes contact with you, their score will increase If you score more points than the shadow character, you will secure victory It'll take you time to work out when to attack so don't give up, and watch out for the speed of the shadow, as it will increase as the game progresses.

The objective of the Dragon Sparring session is to improve your counter striking abilities When grey the dragon is invulnerable, but when it turns red it is about to attack If the attack is avoided areas of the dragon will become blue, and vulnerable to attack Adjust your range with the Dragon to give yourself a chance to use a number of counter attacks The Dragon will only be open to attack for a short period of time, so use the techniques you have learnt in the dragon zone to take advantage of every striking opportunity Each time a strike by youseflf or the Dragon has been detcted points will be awarded accordingly.

Finishing the session with a higher score than the Dragon will guarantee victory Targets appear from the corners of the screen, following a number of different paths The objective of the game is to destroy these targets, before they leave the screen Quickly move towards them, strike them once with speed and force, then relocate to a central position This will destroy them and increase your score Obstacles will also appear from the corners of the screen These cannot be touched, so try to move around them using avoidance techniques and stance transitions.

If you do contact them, your score will be reduced. As the game progresses, the number of targets and obstacles appearing at once will increase, and the paths they follow will become more complex.

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So try to remain focused and relaxed, always being preparing to attack or avoid. Throughout the game, suggested singular strikes and combinations will be displayed. If possible try to use them, as they will allow you to play the game most efficiently and successfully.

Points are scored in relation to the amount of motion detected by the camera, so the more you move the more points you will score If at any time the explosive residue of the obstacles detect motion, your score will decrease. Obstacles that are preceded by a block detector can be deflected. Plan your movements carefully to avoid becoming trapped in the corners of the screen. As an obstacle is fired a cross will appear showing its destination, uses these warnings to govern your movements. As the game progresses, more obstacles will appear, so try to conserve your movements to the ones that are necessary.

The shadow character performs combination attacks from the Tiger zone, to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each movement. The objective of the Tiger Sparring session is to improve your combination attacks and foot speed. Pierce eds. Ribas ed. Nuevos ensayos y viejos textos , Madrid: Cuaderno Gris, , How to cite: To cite from this page, please use any style Chicago, Harvard, etc.

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