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In this antifire thing, you could imagine that the energy it consumes is used to bunch up matter. In other words, it would consume smaller particles to create larger bundles of matter think of how wood turns to ash, but in reverse — ash turns to wood. Not sure about starting materials. Then it would have nowhere to deposit the energy it collects and potentially go out with an explosion, releasing all the excess energy.

For example, if it combines hydrogen into heavier atoms, it can go all the way to Ununoctium until it runs out of matter. Source: an art project I did in high school was a drawing of a world in which light and dark are switched, so wherever there is conventionally light there is now shadow and vice versa. This idea kept coming back to me ever since until I formed it into the concept I described above.

You are making a simplistic assumption of what fire is. You are asking for some things that are similar to fire consuming something , and some things that are the opposite of it cooling the surroundings. In reality, fire is just a chemical reaction of oxidation; a reaction which causes something reactant to bond with oxygen, and produce an oxide and radiate light and heat in the process.

An endothermic reaction will have reactants combine with something and instead of radiating heat, will absorb heat. Because it's absorbing energy when the reaction is happening instead of radiating , we cannot have something that glows. Oxidation combustion is a common reaction for most of the material we find around us which is carbon based, so it reacts with oxygen easily. As for being small and portable, I agree that dry ice will be a viable candidate, as Frostfyre said. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 2k times. The more bullets we cover, the better the solution is: Cools the surrounding area Required point Consumes some material Can consume nearby commonly found material for its energy Is a naturally occurring process Has features that warrant the "cold fire" nickname Portable starting materials small in size for required starting materials , think flint for regular fires emits light any color.

DoubleDouble DoubleDouble 7, 21 21 silver badges 57 57 bronze badges. Emitting light in the visible spectrum requires a certain amount of energy and that amount happens to be "warmer than ambient. The AC unit amuses me, however. Cools the surrounding area The primary use of dry ice is as a cooling agent. Consumes some material It'll consume itself. Dry ice is a solid that will sublimate at average temperatures. Is a naturally occurring process Curiously, there is a place on Earth where dry ice could conceivably occur naturally: Antarctica. Has features that warrant the "cold fire" nickname Dry ice is used to make fog in a number of fields, such as stage performances.

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Portable starting materials Dry ice can be stored in any cooler-like container and handled with thick gloves and it isn't heavy in manageable quantities. Frostfyre Frostfyre I've not seen dry ice do that, but it's important for the answer However, if the dry ice formed with magnesium inside and someone tried lighting it: LSU experiment.

If so might be contaminated with sulphur dioxide leading to characteristic burnt-sulphur smell as it sublime. Even better if also mixed with finely ground rock from a glacier? Throw oil on hot fire. Throw water on cold fire. See, same thing! The author died in , leaving volumes of unpublished writings, mostly poetry. Schaflander lived a vibrant life rife with disappointment, sadness, betrayal, love and joy reserved for the human condition.

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However, what she did with those commonplace emotions was to spin them into a lexicon of gold, offering the reader a chance to have the light of her words, of her poetry shine on their darkest corners. Conny Schaflander remains an artist worth recalling, worth rereading, worth remembering. Visit Seller's Storefront. Please contact me if you are not satisfied with your order in any manner. I always list book by ISBN only and buyer is assured of correct edition, correct author and correct format of book.

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Grandma : Did Pterano tell you why he left the herd? Littlefoot : Well, he said because the other grown-ups couldn't see very well. Grandpa : What nerve. We could see just fine. As a matter of fact, we saw right through him. Grandma : Now, Grandpa, you haven't even seen him yet, and he's already made you upset. Grandpa : Oh, I'm sorry. It just sounds like Pterano is up to his old tricks again.

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Littlefoot : What old tricks? Grandpa : Oh, well, let's just say that if we had not put a stop to Pterano, we might never have made it to the Great Valley. Littlefoot : That's awful. Grandpa : Yes, it was. Someday, when you're older, I'll tell you about it.

Littlefoot : Oh, why do I have to wait until Grandma : [to Littlefoot] In the meantime, remember, Pterano can sound as if he knows everything, even when he knows nothing. Grandpa : So be careful, will you? Littlefoot : Okay. I promise. The sharptooth gained on me, its foul breath at my tail. Its jaws opened wide. Teeth above me! Teeth below me! It was about to swallow me whole.

Petrie's Mom : [to Pterano] Pterano, it's time for the young ones to take their nap. Kid 1 : Okay, bye. Kid 2 : Wasn't that neat? Kid 3 : Yeah. I wanna be like Pterano when I grow up. Kid 4 : Me too. I'm going to be just like him. Pterano : Now, mind your mother, and let's all behave. Petrie's Mom : Yes, let's. Come along, Petrie.

Petrie : Yeah? Oh, yes, Uncle. Gee, you sure lead exciting life. Pterano : High praise indeed, coming from you. I understand that you are quite the adventurer yourself. Petrie : Oh, you right about that. Me very brave. Pterano : Well, then, as one adventurer to another, perhaps you could do me one tiny, harmless favour.