Manual Speaking, Listening and Drama

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Pupils use a Time Machine to send messages back in time to Thomas Farriner, assuring him that London survived the fire and he is forgiven for starting it. Having run out of ideas, Chocolate Imaginators arrive at school and recruit pupils to design extraordinary new chocolate bars.

10 Methods to Incorporate Drama in the ESL Classroom

Pupils experiment with molten chocolate and real ingredients before creating ad campaigns for their creations. Pupils undertake natural disaster survival-training from two lost Australians who are supposed to be training children in Australia.

Basic English Date2 / Learn and practice listening and speaking by drama and movies for beginner

An ancient chest buried by King Alfred is discovered, telling the story of his reign. Have students write the dialogue for it and act it out.

LAMDA Level 2 Award in Speaking and Listening Skills

Have students, either singly or in groups, first act out that emotion then put words to the emotion. What would a stapler say if it could talk? Or an apple?

Have students write monologues with inanimate objects as the character. A monologue is a short scene with just one character talking, either addressing the audience, God, or himself or herself.

Extra-Curricular Speech and Drama

Have them introduce the character to the class, explaining what interests them about their character. Have students act out short scenes without dialogue. Put students in groups of two or three, and assign the characters and the situation to the groups, perhaps using 3x5 index cards.

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Give a time limit of two to three minutes per scene. Students go from there, extemporaneously creating the dialogue and movement themselves. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below.

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